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ATLANTIS Modified USB hub for MiSTer FPGA

ATLANTIS Modified USB hub for MiSTer FPGA

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The new modified USB hub for ATLANTIS incorporates a pair of 9pin headers for internal PC case USB connections as well as a mounting plate for either DE10-Nano location on the ATLANTIS board.

It can also be mounted inverted for easier access to the type A USB ports should daisy chaining or direct access be needed.

This hub (with additional Micro-B power input port) is the perfect companion for your MiSTer FPGA for connecting multiple USB devices. 

And if you need even more USB ports, it can be daisy chained with other USB hubs.

In most scenarios this hub will function with multiple connected devices (bluetooth, gamepads, external drives) and will not need additional external power input.  

We have successfully used this hub without any external power and with four connected USB gamepads, an optical mouse, RGB keyboard and active Bluetooth dongle, including three devices off a second daisy chained passive USB hub (with the DE10-Nano powered by just a 5V 3A supply).


If you find your USB devices require additional power and you would like to connect external power to the hub then you must either;

a) ensure only one power source is used to power both the DE10-Nano and the hub (ie splitting power from a single source)


b) physically cut the VCC wire inside the hub so external hub power can not enter the DE10-Nano.


There is a slide switch on one edge which is intended to alternate between charging modes if this hub were in use with Windows or Android tablets, however this can be left on "1", the standard OTG mode, when used with a DE10-Nano.


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