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Mini-ITX PC case M06 for ATLANTIS and Pi clusters

Mini-ITX PC case M06 for ATLANTIS and Pi clusters

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Compact at just 60mm thick, this is our larger mini-ITX case! 

With a full size ATX standard rear IO zone of 50mm height, this case is capable of accomodating a triple stack MiSTer FPGA setup or double stacked Raspberry Pi clusters on an ATLANTIS carrier board.

With two front panel USB 2.0 ports and a flush power push button and LED indicators, retro-esque front vent styling and a form factor barely larger than a Nintendo Wii - this is a fantastic MiSTer FPGA case or Raspberry Pi cluster housing!  You can fit up to 4x RPi systems using our Raspberry Pi mount kits and side by side fastener kit.


This product includes only the M06 case.  The ATLANTIS for MiSTer and Raspberry Pi mount kits can be purchased separately. 

The image below shows a Raspberry Pi cluster.  Our Raspberry Pi mount kit and side by side fastener kit are required for this particular set up and available here.

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