Back in stock and new products on the way

Back in stock and new products on the way

ATLANTIS for MiSTer boards are back in stock and we are gradually adding more products to our inventory.

First up, you'll now find GPIO IDC 40 Ways plug to receptacle ribbon cables (for side by side MiSTer + Analog IO setups) available in either 100mm or 200mm length.  We introduced a couple of setups utilising these cables in our last blog post and we can't wait to see what the community can build with them.

Secondly, we have the dual USB2.0 type A to 9pin DuPont style adapter cables for interfacing with internal PC case connections.  These are available in either 200mm or 500mm length.

Lastly, we continue to progress toward supplying assembled populated ATLANTIS boards and we are targeting an August release for these.
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