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ATLANTIS for MiSTer is a carrier board and adapter allowing you to install your MiSTer FGPA (DE10-Nano) or Raspberry Pi in any PC case including Thin Mini-ITX, mATX and all the way up to ATX and compatible AT PC cases.

Designed to simplify powering and housing your MiSTer FPGA

ATLANTIS for MiSTer can be used to simply mount your MiSTer in a PC case with no soldering required! 

Likewise, with Raspberry Pi and our Pi adapter plate (available August 2023), no soldering is required; and you even build a cluster of multiple Pis in one Mini-ITX case.

Find your favourite Mini-ITX case or retro ATX case, add our PC case USB adapters and you've got one of the lowest cost, best looking housings around!

For the extra step you can warm up your soldering iron and populate the board with accessories that add ATX power input, PC case switch functionality and more.

Better yet, for a Raspberry Pi, PC case power switch functionality works out of the box with no soldering needed - just connect the PC switch jumpers to pins 5 and 6 on the Pi's GPIO header.

ATLANTIS for MiSTer is ready for power input via either a DC jack or ATX supply.  Both DC input and ATX +5Vsb are directly connected on the board to the Vin of the Pololu 2808 mini pushbutton module location; handy for utilising PC case power supply and LED functionality on MiSTer FPGA.  By adding a Pololu 2808 module, a PC case momentary switch button is converted to latching - keeping your MiSTer powered when you need it and with the sophistication of a case pushbutton.

The board itself is designed with additional key features.  The cut out allows your MiSTer FGPA to be mounted either from underneath or on the surface of the ATLANTIS and a second DE10-Nano format board can be mounted side by side, above the main solderable breadboard zone.  Check out our side by side cables here.

The solderable breadboard zones support prototyping add-ons for MiSTer, Raspberry Pi or expanding the functionality of your ATX power supply.


ATLANTIS for MiSTer is a bare PCB only; no additional components or PC case are included.  For solder-free Raspberry Pi mounting, the ATLANTIS Pi adapter plate is required (available to purchase or 3D print at home from August 2023).  Additional components for functionality may include through-hole parts, such as DC jacks, terminals or ATX connectors which require soldering and should only be installed by experienced technicians.  DO NOT connect more than one power supply to ATLANTIS for MiSTer.



Modifying, soldering or introducing any electrical current to the ATLANTIS for MiSTer carrier board is intended for individuals with expertise in electronics only.  The manufacturer and supplier bear no responsibility for how it is used and only those with knowledge of electronics should attempt to utilise it for making electronic circuits.

ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS CAN BE DANGEROUS.  Inappropriate use of this product may lead to injury or death, fire and damage to property.  By purchasing and using this product, the user assumes all risks and liability associated with its use.  It is the responsibility of the user to understand the limitations and potential risks of the product and to use it in a safe and appropriate manner.  The manufacturer or supplier cannot be held responsible for any damages.

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