Showcasing community builds

Showcasing community builds

We get super excited when we see creative builds on ATLANTIS boards being shared by the community.  Here's just a few that might inspire your next creation:

First up, a Thin Mini-ITX build by @UrzasRage.  This super low profile side by side setup includes a really nice Noctua fan mount (they provide a link to the 3D printable file)!

Next, we have a slightly bigger Mini-ITX build from @pixeltao with a full size IO zone (standard ATX spec).  They've added a short ethernet extension to make it accessible from the back and soldered in a DC jack as well, we presume, a Pololu 2808 module (for power switch functionality) and terminal block to connect a DC pigtail to the DE10-Nano.

From @Yopachi, an even larger but still Mini-ITX spec case which holds a triple stack of DE10-Nano, USB hub and Analog IO (all in reverse orientation with ethernet accessible through the case IO zone); as well as a separate PSU and Wi-Fi adapter.  They appear to have added VGA and HDMI ports to PCI expansion slot brackets!

Lastly, from u/Loomsun using the same case as @pixeltao but with a total of ten (yes 10!) USB ports via the MiSTer hub plus an OTG dongle and some other interesting features.


New case setup with Atlantis ATX
by u/LoomSun in MiSTerFPGA


Thanks to all community members and supporters. We've received numerous requests to develop a centralised place for discussion and to share builds. We're open to suggestions on this; whether a Discord server, a forum, or some other specific platform. Let us know your thoughts in a comment below.


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