Exclusive Discord server for ATLANTIS customers

Exclusive Discord server for ATLANTIS customers

Newsletter subscribers will have seen we launched a private Discord server just for the ATLANTIS for MiSTer community this week.

Over the coming weeks we will be sending individual one time use invite links to all of our customers. If you find your link has expired, just reply to the message and we will send another. Links will only be sent to the email address linked to orders.

If you'd prefer to skip the queue and jump right in; reply to your sales order with a Discord invite request and we'll send you a personal Discord invite link as soon as possible.

We've created channels for chat, early access previews, stock updates, forums for community builds, file sharing (we've already uploaded a 3D printable file for an RPi adapter) and tech support.

The early access channel contains a preliminary ad detailing the soon to be released Pre-assembled ATLANTIS board!

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