Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a great break over the holidays and we’re looking forward to 2024!

Most ATLANTIS products are now available but we have a short delay on some fasteners required for the new bundle packages and these will have about a 2 week wait - expect full availability by January 31st.

Alongside these new bundles will be the release of a second version of the modified USB hub which utilises internal USB type A to pin adapter cables, making it significantly more cost effective.

Lastly, we were saddened to hear Ozmistermods closed shop late last year - particularly as a fellow Melbournian!  We’ve bought and used parts from them on multiple occasions and all have been exceptional quality.  We intend to chat with Michael soon to see if we can support continued Ozmistermods product sales, perhaps via the ATLANTIS store, which would be of great benefit to new MiSTer owners.


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