One week since opening shop

One week since opening shop

Wow what a week!  ATLANTIS for MiSTer boards have been shipping to the United States, Europe and Australia wide.  Thanks so much to our supporters and please continue to spread our message to friends and on social media.  Word of mouth is the best marketing and bulk orders save shipping $$

ATLANTIS is the most affordable and functional way to house a MiSTer

In PC case news, there's been a few interesting finds this week.  First up is this seemingly awesome tabletop arcade cab on AliExpress.  The Yóuxì bǔwán jìhuà “Game Instrumentality Project” appears to be a Mini-ITX PC based tabletop housing.   From the pics it looks like a fairly rudimentary cabinet but with Mini-ITX support; I would hope that means at least pre-drilled mount holes and a momentary power switch.

Second on the list are some beige beauties over at Evercase - these are brand new mATX cases distributed from the UK.  Perhaps perfect for an ATLANTIS for MiSTer with a matching beige CRT on top.  The 5.25" slot certainly opens up some interesting expansion options for MiSTer - maybe an MT-32 Pi in a 5.25" bay mount. 

Thirdly, the quite stunning C64x over at my retro computer - a Mini-ITX based Commodore 64 chassis!

Something for every budget and aesthetic it seems.

Yesterday we promoted our real wood stickers with the "distill your favourite game console" posts on social media.  If you haven't yet had the chance to check them out head on over to the products section now.

For just $7 (AUD$9) they really add some old school flavour to black Mini-ITX cases - the Atari and VTech CreatiVision / Dick Smith Wizzard vibes are certainly strong with the M06 and D12 cases.

That's all for now.  Have a good weekend and happy MiSTer gaming!


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