Welcome and have fun!

Welcome and have fun!

Where to start... well about 3 years ago I got my first MiSTer (first of what is now a collection of at least four DE10-Nanos) and, like many, immediately started imagining the possibilities for housing this gaming beast.

In my view, PC cases offer the ideal housing.  They're cheap (as little as $20 on AliExpress), high quality (extruded steel and injection molded plastic) and functional (USB ports, power switches etc).  Or they can be recycled and nostalgic - how great is it to see a MiSTer runnning out of an old beige box, saved from the dump!

All you need is a cheap way to mount your MiSTer inside such a case - enter ATLANTIS for MiSTer.

ATLANTIS is not the first MiSTer carrier board but it's intended to be as bare bones as possible while still offering simple yet expandable functionality for most users, thus keeping costs low!

Want to just house your MiSTer inside your favourite PC case - easy, just use the original screw mounts that came with your DE10-Nano to fix the system to the ATLANTIS and then mount the four Mini-ITX screw holes to your PC case.  The ATX case specification is fully compatible so you can mount an ATLANTIS in any modern ITX/ATX compliant case.  You can even mount in in many old AT cases as at least two of the mount holes for AT accessory boards line up with two of the holes for Mini-ITX boards.

All modern PCs use 'momentary' switches (ie the circuit closed by pressing the power button is present for a moment) for power.  This problem can be overcome by using a latching circuit of your own design or, more simply, to use a Pololu mini pushbutton switch; so we included a designated area for one on the ATLANTIS.

We hope the community embraces the concept behind the ATLANTIS and takes it to the next level.  If you're a MiSTer modder, supplier or distributor please contact us for bulk orders.

In the meantime, head on over to the product pages and shop away.  We hope we've made the online shopping experience as trouble free as possible but as this is our first endeavour at eCommerce there may be a glitch or two at the start; don't hesitate to contact us either via the contact page or social media (we're active on Facebook) if you encounter any problems.

Til next time,

Happy ATLANTIS gaming!

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