We've had our heads down working on new products

We've had our heads down working on new products

Almost two months since our last blog post but rest assured we have not been resting! 

...apart from a short hiatus to witness our homegrown hero Oscar Piastri achieve his first F1 podium at one of our favourite race tracks, Suzuka Circuit, Japan.


Our exciting updates include the availability of Pre-Assembled ATLANTIS for MiSTer boards this week.  Keep an eye on our store front for the listing which should become active on Tuesday 23rd October.  

We've taken all the DIY work out of building your ATLANTIS system by assembling and soldering all the parts required.  Exclusive discounts will also be available for customers who have previously purchased an ATLANTIS board.


You'll also notice we'll be adding options for customisable backplates to complete your ATLANTIS system. 
There will be two base backplates for ITX to ATX standard IO zone heights and one for Thin Mini-ITX cases.  The full size backplates are offered for most side by side setups including various configurations of inverted boards as well as a "triple stack" option for those with MiSTer USB hubs. 
They are 3D printed in PLA-CF, a black carbon fiber reinforced material that has a gorgeous feel and finish.  Here are some of our early development and prototyping snapshots - note that port alignment has since been modified/enhanced/improved.
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