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ATLANTIS for MiSTer universal plastic IO backplates

ATLANTIS for MiSTer universal plastic IO backplates

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NOW with Ethernet cable pass thru!

Finish off your PC case with ATLANTIS for MiSTer by adding a neat backplate with custom pop out ports to suit a wide variety of ATLANTIS setups.

Available in two options for full ITX to ATX sized IO zones and one option for a Thin Mini-ITX sized IO zone.

Each backplate includes two sets of fasteners with color-coded holding tabs to suit most cases (use either set according to the thickness of your PC case wall).  Blue internal tabs are for thin walled cases (such as the TX06 that we sell) and grey internal tabs are for thicker walled cases (such as Fractal Design and InWin cases we have tested with).

The backplates are 3D printed using PLA-CF, a carbon fiber plastic filament, with a gorgeous feel and finish.

Don't see a layout to suit your setup?  Don't worry, just contact us to let us know your requirement and we'll endeavour to prepare a design for you.  Likewise if you find your purchased part doesn't quite work out, we're here to help!

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