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With the SKELETOS kit, we’ve packaged everything you need to power your MiSTer FPGA inside any PC case including;

  • ATLANTIS for MiSTer Pre-assembled
  • Side by side mount fasteners
  • GPIO cable
  • USB hub with PC case internal connectors
  • Backplates (all 3 variants included for both Thin and Full ATX IO zones)
  • NEW Atlantis fan and disk mount in blue ABS!

No additional soldering is required - just follow some simple steps to fasten the parts, mounts and your MiSTer system inside your chosen PC case.

Things to note:

The GPIO cable supports the basic functionality of the Analog IO - analog video and sound; separate additional pins that may be present on the underside of the IO board, e.g. for the SNAC accessory; or extra microSD slot, must be connected separately and you will need to connect your own jumper wires if these features are required.

The GPIO cable side by side setup has only been tested with official revisions of the Analog IO board and your mileage may vary on other IO boards (we are continuing to test as many versions as possible).

More information

You can power your system with either an external DC power source, using the same connector as the DE10-Nano, or an internal ATX power supply.  

We include a DC AUX to ATX wire harness so you won’t accidentally connect two power sources. Simply disconnect the dual wire harness if you prefer to hook up an ATX supply.

The ATX header +5Vsb and ground is connected inside the ATLANTIS to the pushbutton switch module.  

The Pololu mini pushbutton module converts a PC case momentary power switch to "latching", meaning you can turn on and off your DE10-Nano using the front panel power button of the PC case.  The module also provides pins for powering any PC case LEDs.

Assembled with only high quality parts:

  • Pololu power switch module
  • TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
  • Molex 18AWG Mini-Fit Jr wires
  • Würth Elektronik terminal blocks
  • RS Components bootlace ferrules
  • Cliff Electronics DC jack
  • MPD (Memory Protection Devices) molded DC plug with 18AWG wires

ATLANTIS for MiSTer is a carrier board and adapter allowing you to install your MiSTer FGPA (DE10-Nano) or Raspberry Pi in any PC case including Thin Mini-ITX, mATX and all the way up to ATX and compatible AT PC cases.

Designed to simplify powering and housing your MiSTer FPGA


Always ensure only one 5V power source is connected to the ATLANTIS.  DO NOT connect more than one power supply.

Be aware of the limitations of the Pololu 2808 Mini Pushbutton Power Switch with Reverse Voltage Protection, LV (available here) and DE10-Nano before connecting a power supply.  

Modifying, soldering or introducing any electrical current to the ATLANTIS for MiSTer carrier board is intended for individuals with expertise in electronics only.  The manufacturer and supplier bear no responsibility for how it is used and only those with knowledge of electronics should attempt to utilise it for making electronic circuits.

ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS CAN BE DANGEROUS.  Inappropriate use of this product may lead to injury or death, fire and damage to property.  By purchasing and using this product, the user assumes all risks and liability associated with its use.  It is the responsibility of the user to understand the limitations and potential risks of the product and to use it in a safe and appropriate manner.  The manufacturer or supplier cannot be held responsible for any damages.

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