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Raspberry Pi mount (plate only)

Raspberry Pi mount (plate only)

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Finally, an affordable and functional solution for mounting a Raspberry Pi inside a PC case is available!

This clear acrylic plate allows you to mount from one to four Raspberry Pi computers on an ATLANTIS carrier board.  The mount has been designed to work with models 2 to 4.

Each unit includes an acrylic mount plate only.  You will need M3 bolts to secure the plate to the ATLANTIS board and M2.5 bolts to secure the Pi to the mount plate.

Two kits can be mounted side by side on an ATLANTIS board to build up to a 4x Raspberry Pi cluster, which can even fit inside our M06 Mini-ITX PC case!

A great thing about mounting a Pi in a PC case is how easy it is to make use of the PC case pushbutton power switch - simply connect the power switch jumper to pins 5 and 6 on the Pi GPIO header and you're good to go.

And with an ATLANTIS board you have a full size solderable breadboard zone for all of your Pi prototyping!

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